About The New Spice in Wolverhampton

The Home of Great Balti Cuisine.

Food It is believed that the style of Balti cooking started in the northern region of India and Pakistan in the state of Kashmir, from where it then spread throughout the Indian subcontinent and the rest of the world (Wolverhampton).

Please do not mistake us for just another Indian restaurant. Our menu and the rich flavours of our food are unique and are what have made The New Spice a restaurant of choice for many of our loyal customers for over 18 years. We at The New Spice restaurant Wolverhampton take great pride in our quality and high standards of traditional Balti cooking.The inside of The New Spice

We specialise in a variety of Balti dishes cooked in the traditional way using only the finest and freshest ingredients to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We can cater for parties up to 80 people and regularly cater for family occasions to large events. Regardless of how large or small your party is, we can assure you that our staff will look after your dining experience in a professional and friendly manner.

Outside of The New SpiceIf you fancy an alcoholic drink with your meal, you may bring your own, as The New Spice does not provide any alcohol. Unfortunately you can not bring your own soft drinks as these are sold on the premises. This makes a night out for large parties very affordable compared to visiting a licensed restaurant where you can soon end up doubling your total bill once each of you have had a couple of drinks.

We have a full take away menu, so you can enjoy your favourite dishes in the comfort of your own home. Free delivery is offered to all orders over 12 in value, within a 4 mile radius. If you choose to collect your take away order, you will receive a 10% discount.

The staff"We at The New Spice Balti Restaurant in Wolverhampton have built our excellent reputation by ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with their dining experience. Here, first class comes as standard.

 Our highly awarded team have been serving Wolverhampton for over 18 years." 

To all our long standing and loyal customers, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and to our potential new customers, we very much look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Thank you and enjoy our unique Balti experience.